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You can never go wrong with flowers. Flowers are the perfect gifts for any and every special occasion. In fact, almost every special occasion is never complete without floral arrangements. Floral arrangements provide a beautiful aesthetic to the venue and are pleasing to the eyes of the guests. While there is no one flower fit for any specific occasion, there are some that are more appropriate than others. This is because most flowers have a certain significance and carry a message to the recipient or guest. At Fancy Pansy, we cater to our clients’ floral arrangement needs for all special occasions. We help you choose what type of flower best fits your event and even your personality.

FP wedding flowers

Wedding Flowers

Whatever size your wedding may be, flower arrangements and bouquets are a critical element of the celebration. Usually, floral arrangement trends for weddings change from year to year depending on more popular trends as a whole. For example, white-colored flowers have become more popular these days due to the minimalist design trend. At Fancy Pansy, our fine florists are always up to date with the top wedding trends to make sure that your floral arrangements align with the current styles. We also recommend choosing flowers based on the season of your wedding. Some flowers, like sunflowers, are in bloom at certain times of the year and would surely look good when placed in a floral arrangement with other flowers. Apart from these, we also have the more popular choices for wedding flowers and bouquets like red roses or peonies.

FP birthday flowers

Birthday Flowers

Giving flowers is also a sign of thoughtfulness. They are a great way to tell someone that you remembered them on their special day. We recommend choosing birthday flowers depending on the celebrant’s favorite blossoms or their favorite color. This shows them how much you know them and symbolizes the deepness of your relationship. Just tell us the details and we’ll be happy to take care of the rest.
FP Grand Bouquet on Valentine’s Day

Flowers for Your Business

Here at Fancy Pansy, we also specialize in corporate floral designs, providing weekly services for all types of businesses in Beaver Creek, Avon, Vail, and Edwards Colorado. Whether you have specific flowers in mind or want us to use our experience to assess a space before arranging flowers, we have the knowledge and skills to realize any vision.

We Deliver!

Fancy Pansy designers are experts in both classic and modern floral designs. We can be contracted for ongoing floral services for your business and we can handle all the floral arrangements for your wedding or special event.