Bring Warmth to Your Home with Winter Flowers in Avon, CO

FP Fancy Pansy Christmas Flower Arrangement

Winter is a gloomy season. The lower temperature forces everyone to pause and wait for warmer days. Snow storms can derail any plans to visit friends and bond with family. Everything is white and not really merry or bright. But did you know that you can make the season better? It does not need to be a time of loneliness and bleakness.

Fancy Pansy Floral can help you brighten up your days with its wide array of winter floral arrangements in Avon, CO. You can order flowers for ordinary dinners at home. Let the vibrant centerpiece of hellebores in pinks, reds and purples set a festive mood. Under the spell of yellow winter aconites, everything will look hopeful and cheerful. 

Fancy Winter Flowers in Avon, CO

Feeling blue? We have just the right thing to chase the blues away. Play with a variety of colors, fragrances, and sizes. Savor the holidays and celebrations by ordering winter flower arrangements in Avon, CO. We have chrysanthemums, daisies, lilies, and roses available to decorate your space. Experiment with different combinations of flowers. Opt for unique shapes and designs. Add in some eye-catching green. We recommend cuttings from evergreen trees to serve as a backdrop for the flowers. If you or your loved ones have favorite blooms in mind, let us know immediately so we can try to find ways to incorporate these flowers in your custom-made order. Rest assured that Fancy Pansy Floral’s commitment to customer service will help you achieve your floral dreams even in the dead of winter.
FP Fancy Pansy Christmas Flower Arrangement

Why Choose Fancy Pansy Floral?

While there are a lot of flower shops in Avon, CO, only Fancy Pansy Floral will go the extra mile for you. We summarize the benefits of engaging our services in 3 points:
  • Custom-designed winter flower arrangements in Avon, CO, to suit every occasion. Creativity and customer happiness are at the heart of what we do. We want your floral pieces to be unforgettable, the scent lingering even after the party is over.
  • Personalized consultations to bring your vision to life. We do not randomly put together different blooms. We ask our clients to tell us their story and encourage them to share their vision. Every floral piece we make is a collaboration between Fancy Pansy Floral and our client.
  • Expertly selected blooms that thrive in the winter season. We know how hard it is to get through the dark days and long nights of winter. We strive to create something you can look forward to seeing in your home. We source our flowers from far and wide to accommodate special requests.

Customer Love


Yes, we offer custom winter flower arrangements in Avon, CO, in various designs to match your personality and your message. 

Simply call us at 970-470-4182 or visit our website to select an arrangement that will perfectly communicate your message.

Our winter floral arrangements in Avon, CO, are available for delivery. Our service covers the local area. Contact us for specifics. 

We’re here to meet your needs. Let us know your request, and we’ll do our best to accommodate. 

We provide care instructions with every delivery to help your flowers stay fresh longer. 

About Avon, Colorado

Avon is located in Colorado, United States, in the Rocky Mountains and along the Eagle River. It is known for the world-class Beaver Creek Resort and the Vail. Settlers started arriving in the early 1880s. One of these settlers was George A. Townsend who built a house at the confluence of the Eagle River and Beaver Creek.

The town became popular for growing lettuce in the 1920s, with box cars standing at the Avon Depot full of ice from the Minturn ice houses to keep the lettuce fresh. Later on, it became popular for its ski resorts.

The town population was 6,072 at the 2020 United States Census. 

Things To Do in Avon, Colorado

  1. Have fun with the family at Harry A. Nottingham Park where you can rent a paddle boat and go fishing.
  2. Celebrate Salute to the USA with spectacular fireworks in the Colorado Rockies.
  3. Join the annual duathlon race, Dunk-n-Dash.
  4.  Ride the Gondola Express for free.
  5. Drop by the Beaver Creek Landing.

Avail of the Magic Brought About by Winter Flowers

Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up next to a vase of white tulips? Imagine the jolt of joy you will feel if you have fresh chrysanthemums at the table. At Fancy Pansy Floral, we can make this happen for you even in the winter.

Call us for special orders and make this winter an enchanting season of elegance and beauty.